Custom Platform, Digital Ordering

Why partner with Ness?
More customers
Ness provides a massive network of customers in your neighborhood and the marketing tools to bring them in your door.
Next level tech
Our dedicated developers and support team make sure you get the data and operational insights you need to make the most of Ness' innovative technology.
Digital Loyalty
Ness reward points incentivize customers to choose and order from restaurants more regularly.

Take Your Business Higher

Mobile Ordering

Give your customers the ability to order directly from your digital menu, rather than having them search for your to go menu and calling to place their orders.

Restaurants with a digital menu are more likely to receive return orders than those who do not.

Ness Tablet

Streamline your operations with the easy-to-use Ness tablet that frees your staff from the phones and allows you to take an unlimited number of orders all at once.

Orders come through your tablet in real time. No more missed or inaccurate orders.

Rewards Program

Ness offers a FREE, built-in loyalty program for businesses. Other loyalty programs are expensive, while loyalty cards are outdated and easily misplaced. We understand that keeping your customers loyal to your brand is an important part of your business. As a result, we wanted to provide an easy-to-use and analytics-driven loyalty program for you to customize and utilize as you please.

Get discovered by thousands
With built-in marketing tools like push notifications and home screen merchandising, your menu will be seen by hungry, local customers. Our promotions and social ordering will keep your business plugged into an active, growing network.